08 February 2019

The SSP Primary Badminton Final 2019

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Congratulations to all of the individual cluster winners in their local badminton competitions! The 2019 SSP finalists were St Johns, Lockington, Walkington, Beverley St Nicholas, Martongate, Flamborough, Wold Newton and Hilderthorpe.

The final results after a brilliant evening of extremely competitive badminton were:


1st - Walkington

2nd - Hilderthorpe

3rd - St Johns

4th - Flamborough

5th - Martongate

6th - Wold Newton

7th - St Nicholas

8th - Lockington


Congratulations to Walkington who were crowned the 2019 Badminton Champions!

Thank you to Bridlington School for hosting and for the fantastic team of leaders that always give 100%!