18 October 2018

Secondary East Riding Individual Table Tennis

Thank you to all of the schools that attended the Level 2 Individual table tennis competition last night at Headlands, it was a great competition and the standard throughout made for some extremely close matches in both categories. Thanks to Headlands for hosting the competition and providing refreshments it was much appreciated.

Please see below the final standings from the competitions, please remember the top 4 individuals from each category have qualified for the next round, date and times to be confirmed :-

U13's Boys Table 1

1st - Noah K- Driffield
2nd - George L - South Hunsley
3rd - Calum H - Headlands
4th - Ronan R - Longcroft

U13's Boys Table 2

1st - Luke M - South Hunsley
2nd - Jacob S - South Hunsley
3rd - Jamie H - Market Weighton
4th - Adam C- Hornsea

U 13's Boys Table 3

1st - William S - South Hunsley
2nd - Toby G- Driffield
3rd - James Y - Market Weighton
4th - Luke C - Headlands
5th - Josh D L - Hornsea

4 x U 13's Boys who have qualified

Luke M- South Hunsley
William S- South Hunsley
Noah K - Driffield
Jacob S - South Hunsley - Won the play off  

U16's Boys Table 1

1st - Callum P - Hornsea
2nd Ewan H - Market Weighton
3rd - Jaques - Bev Grammar
4th - Aaron F - South Hunsley
5th - Joseph L- Longcroft
6th - Josh M- Headlands

U16's Boys Table 2

1st - Ihsan - Bev Grammar
2nd - Will L- South Hunsley
3rd - Elliot H - Headlands, Will P - Hornsea, Chris S- Longcroft

U16's Boys Table 3

1st - Kai O - South Hunsley
2nd - Jack B- Bev Grammar
3rd - Cameron D L - Hornsea
4th - Chris H- Headlands

U16's Boys Table 4

1st - Daniel M- South Hunsley
2nd - Owen - Bev Grammar
3rd - Adam - Longcroft
4th Tim M - Headlands

4 x U 16's Boys who have qualified

Callum P - Hornsea
Ihsan - Bev Grammar
Kai O- South Hunsley
Daniel M- South Hunsley