08 May 2018

Longcroft Quad Kids Athletics

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What a fantastic day for athletics at Longcroft. One hundred and ten pupils from Y3 4 5 & 6 took part from Cherry Burton, Leconfield, St.Marys, St.Johns, Molescroft and Swinemoor. Everyone had a go at the 4 events which were a sprint, a distance run, long jump and vortex throw. Their scores earned points for the team.

The results for Y3/4 were 6th Molescroft, 5th St.Johns, 4th leconfield, 3rd Cherry Burton, 2nd Swinemoor and the winners were ST.MARYS with 1178 points.

The results for Y5/6 were 6th Cherry Burton, 5th St.Marys, 4th Swinemoor, 3rd Molecroft, 2nd St.Johns and the winners were LECONFIELD with 1308 points.

Thank you to the Longcroft leaders and Miss Wilson for their support.