25 April 2018

Longcroft Orienteering 2018

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A fantastic turn out on Wednesday for the Longcroft cluster 2018 orienteering. About 120 took part. Thanks go again to Neil Harvett for setting up the course and providing the electronic dibbers. The leaders from Longcroft on the desk, at the start and out on the course did a great job encouraging and supporting the younger pupils.

We were really pleased that many Y4 pupils came to have a go at the year 5 course.

The Y5 team competition was won by Cherry Burton and the Y6 by Molescroft. There were also pairs from Leconfield and St.Johns who were placed in the top 3 and will also be invited to the finals in Cottingham on 15th May.

All those winners will be recognised with medals and we wish them good luck at the next round.