02 October 2018

Longcroft Cross Country 2018

Seven schools participated in the cross country event; Molescroft, Swinemoor, St Marys, St Johns, Lockington, Leconfield and Cherry Burton, 170 pupils taking part in the 4 races. It was fantastic to see so many young runners taking part on a sunny but windy evening. 


Y3/4 Girls

Individual: 1st - Indie P - Cherry Burton; 2nd - Natalia RM - St Johns; 3rd - Emma C - St Marys

Teams:1st - Cherry Burton; 2nd St Johns; 3rd - Leconfield; 4th - St Marys; 5th- Molescroft; 6th Swinemoor


Y3/4 Boys

Individual: 1st - Teddy H - Lockington; 2nd - Oscar W - Cherry Burton; 3rd - Flynn N - Cherry Burton

Teams:1st - Cherry Burton; 2nd Molescroft; 3rd - St Marys; 4th - St Johns; 5th- Leconfield; 6th Swinemoor


Y5/6 Girls

Individual: 1st - Georgie H - St Johns; 2nd - Charlotte M - Molescroft; 3rd - Annabelle W- Molescroft

Teams:1st - Molescroft; 2nd St Johns; 3rd - St Marys; 4th - Leconfield; 5th- Swinemoor; 


Y5/6 Boys

Individual: 1st - Finlay A- St Marys; 2nd - Jack G- St Johns; 3rd - Caleb P - Cherry Burton

Teams:1st - Cherry Burton; 2nd St Marys; 3rd - Molescroft; 4th - Swinemoor


Well done to all the leaders who assisted on the evening, they were a fabulous help and were great at motivating the runners.