04 March 2019

Great turnout for Orienteering at Hornsea

Hornsea, Leven, Riston, Sigglesthorne & Beeford all had teams participating in the Orienteering competition at Hornsea.  It was great to see all the pupils having such a great time while exploring the grounds at Hornsea.  There were 2 courses that the children followed: a warm up familiarisation route & then the actual competition course.  The Leaders from Hornsea Sec were fantastic in running the event and even they couldn't resist having a go at the course to show the younger pupils just how fast it could be done!!!

The Top team of 3 pairs from Year 5 & Year 6 (plus any of the top 3 pairs of individuals) go through to represent the Hornsea Cluster in the next round at Cottingham High School in June (shown in bold below) - CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK to them all!

The results are:

Year 5 

1st place team: Riston (Liam, Oliver, Katie, Kelsey, Matilda, Sophia)

1st place pair: Bethany & Sophie - Leven

2nd place pair: Will & Josh - Hornsea

Year 6

1st place: Leven (Will, Harry, Fionn, Oliver, Lily, Izzy)

3rd place pair: Reuben & Will - Beeford

2nd place: Beeford (Reuben, Will, Mia, Chloe, Harrison, Isaac)

3rd place: Hornsea (Isobel, Noah, Harry, Ollie, Riley, Lucia)